Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Other hilarious card game is Bohnanza. It may sound boring that you are supposed to plant beans... :-)


"It is played with a deck of cards with comical illustrations of eight different types of beans (of varying scarcities), which the players are trying to plant and sell in order to raise money. The principal restriction is that players may only be farming two or three types of bean at once, but they obtain beans of all different types randomly from the deck, and so must engage in trading with the other players to be successful."

Papujen kasvatuspeli voi kuulostaa tylsältä, muttei todellakaan ole sitä. Peli vaatii onnen lisäksi myös hyviä kaupantekotaitoja muiden pelaajien kanssa, jotta saa haluamiaan papuja kasvatettua omalla pellollaan.

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